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Dental Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and Bridges

A crown is a cap over the tooth. It is used for many instances including if there is a crack in the tooth, a large hole or decay, a missing filling, a worn down/ eroded tooth or after a root canal procedure. It is essentially used to re-strengthen the tooth similar to its original strength. Without a crown, it is possible that a tooth can crack or fracture further, resulting in that tooth needing to be removed.

At Super Smiles Dental we use only the highest strength of ceramics and metals in order to reconstruct the tooth to its original shape and strength. Each tooth is different, and we custom make each crown to fit the needs of that tooth.

A bridge is when there is a missing tooth and crowns are placed over the teeth adjacent to the gap. The crowns are bonded together to close the gap and allow the patient to smile and function as if there is a natural tooth in that position.

Always talk to your dentist first, to see if a crown or bridge is recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions - Dental Crowns

Frequently Asked Questions - Dental Bridges

How Super Smiles Dental Can Help

With a brand new, state-of-the-art practice, you can be sure that Super Smiles Dental not only offers the latest dental technology, but knows how to use it in order to get the best results for our patients time after time. 

With experienced dentists skilled in treating all types of patients, you can be sure that Super Smiles Dental will look after you. For more information on dental crowns and bridges, contact us today


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