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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

At Super Smiles Dental, we use Zoom Teeth Whitening which is the best brand for teeth whitening. There are 2 options available: in-chair whitening with the oral health professional or at-home whitening kit.

The in-chair whitening with our oral health professional is the fastest way to achieve a whiter smile. Oral health professionals are allowed to use a high concentration of whitening gel that is not available to the general public, however it can only be administered under dental supervision with strict guidelines of use. Therefore, it is a far superior result to chemist products or beauty therapist services.

At-home whitening kits are recommended as an additional measure to the in-chair whitening rather than the primary treatment modality. Special custom made trays are made for the patient’s teeth and the gel is generally used at night time in order to further whiten the patient’s teeth while they sleep.

Does Whitening Damage my Teeth?

Research has shown that teeth whitening is quite safe and has not shown to cause any permanent damage to the teeth. Whitening can cause some sensitivity to the teeth during the procedure or for up to 2 days after the procedure. At Super Smiles Dental we issue a formulated paste that can be used a week beforehand in order to reduce the degree of sensitivity that may be experienced.


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