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Dr Bilal Darwish (Bill)

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Dr Bilal Darwish (Bill)


Dr Bilal Darwish (Bill) completed his undergraduate degree in pharmacy followed by his Doctor of Dental Medicine from the University of Sydney.


Dr Bilal has a keen interest not only in improving Patients Oral Health, he also finds satisfaction in educating and empowering his Patients to maintain long term healthy habits to sustain long term- dental health. He has a well-established reputation for his passionate and personable approach to all Patients.

Bilal is consistently sourcing new and up to date technologies to allow him to provide convenient and cost-effective treatment options to his patients. He is specifically motivated in assisting anxious patients through their dental journey to achieving their dental health aims.

Since graduating, Dr Bilal has gone onto further educate himself in more complex treatments such as: implant dentistry, surgical extractions and cosmetic dentistry.

Outside of his work Dr Bilal enjoys spending time with his two sons, watching basketball, and cycling

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