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A filling may be prescribed by your dentist if your tooth has a hole or decay. At Super Smiles Dental, the filling material we use is called composite resin, which is a tooth-coloured filling material. There are different material qualities that are important for composite resin such as strength, bonding ability, elasticity, shrinkage properties etc. At Super Smiles Dental we have selected only the best composite resin which has the best material properties for our patients. This is so that our fillings last as long as possible and provide outstanding comfort, support, aesthetics and function.

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COVID-19 Update: In accordance with a relax in restrictions for dentistry, Super Smiles Dental is now operating under Level 1 restrictions. This means we can offer ALL treatments to our patients whilst still performing and maintaining our high level of infection control. Our temporary opening hours are Monday Friday 9 am – 5 pm & Weekends 9 am - 1 pm. We appreciate your support and patience during this time.