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No Gap Dentistry

No Gap Dentistry

What is a Gap?

If you have a private health insurance that covers you for dental treatment, part of your bill will be covered by your insurance. This part is your “benefit”. The part that this not covered by your health insurance is called the “gap” and generally the patient is required to pay out of pocket to cover this cost.

What is No – GAP policy?

Our no gap policy applies to consultations, check-ups, cleans, fluoride treatments and xrays. No-gaps means that we will not charge you a gap and there will be no out of pocket costs.

It is as easy as:

What is the eligibility Criteria for availing the no – gaps offer?

The following terms and conditions apply to no gap offer

  1. This offer is only claimable on the day of treatment
  2. You need to bring your health fund card to your appointment.
  3. The card should not be expired.
  4. You should not be on a waiting period with your health fund
  5. You shouldn’t have reached your funds benefit limit.
  6. Your health fund premium payment is not overdue
  7. The claim goes through on the day of treatment and health fund is not down.

What is the patient’s responsibility?

It is the patient’s responsibility to know what their level of cover is and bringing their card to the appointment and ensuring that they meet the terms and conditions. If ever in doubt, you can always bring the health fund card to reception and one of the friendly receptionists can run a quote for you to check.

The patient is also responsible for covering all costs if the treatment, on the day, if the health fund does not cover.

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